Chapter 3: Democracy in Ancient Athens

Is Ancient Athens a good example of democracy?
The ancient Greeks influenced how people today think about citizenship and rights. In Athens, a form of government developed in which the people participated. The democracy we enjoy in Canada had its roots in ancient Athens.

Chapter 3 Questions
pg. 55 Inquiring Minds

Ancient Athens was the birthplace of democracy. As you read the chapter, consider the following questions.

  1. What are the beliefs and values that shaped democracy in Athens?
  2. What role did citizens play in Athenian democracy?

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Ancient Greece Activities:
Who wants to be an Ancient Greek Millionaire?
Answer the questions and build up your money. But, get the answer wrong and you'll drop down to zero.

Ancient Greek Theatre
Watch a clip from a 1983 production of Agamemnon, an play written during ancient Greece. Notice the use of masks, chorus, and speaking in unison.
Last year, Mr. Grafton took the Jr. High Drama class to see Asterion Hus, a theatre company that specializes in modernizing Greek plays. We saw the production of The Iliad, and it was incredible!

Ancient Greek Masks
Can you memorize the correct mask shape? Pay close attention. Each one is a little bit different.

It's all Greek to Me!
Decipher the Greek Alphabet and match the words to the list. (Mr. Grafton got 100% the first time. Any challengers?)

British Museum: Ancient Greece Site
This museum site provides a lot of background on the Ancient Greeks.

Design a Greek Pot
When this page loads, click on Ancient Greece to design your pottery.

Ancient Greek Test
Test your knowledge of ancient Greece.

Labyrinth I: Easy
Labyrinth II: Difficult
The Labryinth of the Minotaur
Use your arrow keys to work your way through the maze.

Selinute Sliding Puzzle
Parthenon Jigsaw Puzzle
Unscramble the tiles to reveal the picture.