Chapter 6: How Provincial Government Works

The Alberta Legislature Building is more than steel, stone and glass. It is grand architecture, history, a place to visit and a living monument to the institution and ideals of democratic parliament.
Each year thousands of people, including groups of school students, visit the Alberta Legislature, and for those who are unable to visit the building, we wanted to bring the building to you.

Please Login to our Tour of the Alberta Legistlature. You will need to create your own Avatar (digital character.) Once you have finished, join us on the Guided Tour.

We are on Tour 8. The password is: grafton

Watch the first few minutes of this video as the Legistlative Assembly is called into session. You will see the Mace, the Seargent at Arms, and the Speaker enter just before the singing of the National Anthem, O Canada.

Watch this video as the Alberta Government and MLA Laurie Hawn welcomes the announcement of our next Lieutenant Governor.

Viewpoints: Should voting be compulsary?
Skill Power: Identifying Perspective

Get to know your provincial government! Using your Scavenger Hunt Worksheet, navigate through the Student Zone. Explore and fill in the blanks.
Election time in our class.

This Handbook gives you a detailed overview of the Alberta Legislature. At the end is a great Summary Quiz that you can study from.

Find your MLA using your street address or electoral division map.

Imagine a law that said that everyone in Alberta would have to use the tuba. Follow along as this idea moves from a Private Members Bill to become a Law.

Test your skills and reveal the hidden picture. (Right now it looks a bit like the "purple city" trick I told you about.)