Chapter 7: Making a Just and Fair Canada

Canadian Federal Election 2011

CBC Vote Compass
Which political parties' perspectives are the most like yours? Take this online survey to see where you agree or disagree with the Conservative, Liberal, NDP, and Green Parties.

The Major Parties in the 2011 Election:
Conservative Party of Canada (View Conservative Platform Here.)
Liberal Party of Canada (View Liberal Platform Here.)
Green Party of Canada (View Green Platform Here)

Your Take: Video of Brontae Hunter, an 11 year old student from Ontario who blogs for the CBC on the Federal Election
Ridings To Watch: What happens when a riding has two very popular candidates?
Viewpoints: Does freedom of expression apply on the internet?
View the 2008 Election Results What were the ridings like after the last election?
Young Voter Apathy? Do young people care about voting in this election?

Skill Power: Using a Comparison Organizer
Federal Government Links