Democracy takes Participation

This post is dedicated to Democracy resources.  If you have an online Democracy Resource, just Post A Comment below with the URL Address for others to use.

We can also include resources such as:
  • Local, Provincial, or Federal News stories from a newspaper (Search keywords such as government, election, or democracy in local or national newspaper websites).
  • Non-fiction books about Government (include Title, Author, and a brief summary)
  • Questions you have about Democracy (Others may be able to help you by answering your question)


Mr. Grafton said...

This site has information for young or new voters.

Just type this URL address in to get to the site:

Or, when you type in your name, fill in the URL (optional) box with the URL address you found.

That way, others can just click on your name to be taken to the site.

The Rhino Party said...

There are some pretty weird ideas out there. Some people think that democracy has gotten a little too serious.

Check out some of the ideas put forth by The Rhino Party.