Working Ranches

One of the ways that Alberta ranchers are diversifying is through creative ideas.  For example The CL Ranch is a ranch that has been used for numerous movie sets, television shows, and commercials.  (Read page 75 for Mei Ling's visit to the CL Ranch and the Munro Family Ranch.)

All of the buildings on the property are close to their original condition.  Movie productions are able to rent the CL Ranch as a backdrop for various feature films.  Have you seen Shanghai Noon starring Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson?  Parts of that film were shot here.

This is definitely a creative approach to making a living as a rancher.  

Imagine that you are a rancher or farmer in the Grassland regions.  Your ranch has not been making enough money this year.  What are some other creative ideas you could use to keep your farm running?


Kaitlyn said...

I would by more animals and sell them but i would also by more land. I would also make wind turbines

Hayley said...

I would divid my land into 4 parts.
I would move the plant's to the different part's each year.So I Wouldent run out of the things that the plant's need to grow.

Blaise said...

You can split your field in half of tow

jackie said...

I would sell animals and buy more land.

aidan said...

I think it is a good idea to make the farm into a movie place.