Early Settlement

It might be hard for some of us to imagine what Alberta may have looked like for settlers arriving in the west. Even today, you can still find some of these old building preserved.

Just remember: Even the really old buildings were once brand new.

Take a look around Vauxhall. Can you find any buildings that may have come from this time period? Take a picture for Mr. Grafton and we can post it to the blog.


Westward Trail

Hunting and Trading
The Oregon Trail Hunting game will give you a good idea of how important trading was to the pioneers. Don't waste your bullets! You'll need them to get more animals.

Go West! Settling Canada's Prairies
The Canadian prairies changed from grasslands to one of the world's biggest suppliers of food in one generation. Check out this slideshow from the McCord Museum for some authentic pictures of early settlement in Canada.

Letters from the Trunk

Frontier House

Check out some clips from the PBS show Frontier House.  Modern families attempt to live as pioneers in Montana.  Do they have what it takes to survive life in the wild frontiers?

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