Adapting the Oath of Citizenship.

The Oath of Citizenship says:
"I swear (or affirm) that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, Queen of Canada, Her Heirs and Successors, and that I will faithfully observe the laws of Canada and fulfil my duties as a Canadian citizen."

Adapt the Oath of Citizenship to apply to our school.  Brainstorm lists of "laws" and "duties" a student should swear to as a citizen of our school.  Keep in mind the school's values and identity.  Post your list in the Comments section below.  Afterwards, we will then decide which laws and duties to adopt as a "constitution" for our school.


dorothy said...


*listen to one another
*do not talkwhen someone else is talking


-Do what teacher tells you to do
-Follow rules respect each other.
- Be on your best behaviour.

zach said...


1)Bear allegiance to God
2)Observe the laws of God


1)Be faithful
2)Read your bible
3)Pray to God

Tyson said...


*listen to the teacher
*do not bully on other people


To learn
Pay attention
Do your work

Andrew Anderson said...


1. listen to and obey your elders.
2. know that God is omnipresent.


1. obey the 10 commandments.

emily l said...

I swear(or affirm) allegiance to God that I will be faithful to Him, and I will be obedient to His laws, and fulfill my duties as a Christian as a student at BCS
I will be obedient by:
#1: following the school rules
E.g. Putting my hand up to talk

#2:Being respectful
E.g. being quiet in the hallway

allison said...

no bulling
respect god and others as yourself.

-follow all staff members and co worker instructions
-pray for others and self
-be on your best behavior at all times.

vicky m said...

-follow the Lord
-listen to one another
-and do the comands of God faithfuly


-be kind to one another
- listen to each other
-do are best in everything

chase said...

i thiink that you should not talk back to the teacher.

Anna said...


*to never swear in school
*to never beat up anyone in school


*to listen in class
*to do my homework
*to learn

Nolan said...

The laws for our school should be:

1. No swearing
2. Listen to the teachers
3. No tomogatchys, cellphones ect.

These laws would make our school a beter palce to learn.

Hannah said...

i swear to not do drugs because i know what drugs do to people and i dont want to be those people
i will faithfully respect the rule of the school bcs

laws ( rules)

1 dont do drugs or smoke

2 dont hurt people

3 dont do anything inappropriate
with boys and girls

Karen said...

LAws: don't talk when some on is talking
No bullying
Respect God

Duties: respect each other

danielle said...

I think they are respect God your teachers and classmates and pay attention so you know what to do.

matt said...


Listen untill the person is done.
Serve God with happyness


Obey God
Do what your athoritys tell you to do.

dawsen said...

be faithful

read the bible


listen to teachers and parents

listen to eachother

monique said...

no animal testing
no more gun (EVER)or anywhere exept 4 police and soldiers
follow the lord

MarissaT said...

Listen to your teacher
Don't bully
Follow God
Respect eachother
pray and read the bible

Jio said...

1. obey

2. be respectful

2.do your hardest