Community Connections

Think of a community or group you belong to.  What are some values and traditions that connect members?  Post you COMMENTS below.


Mr. Grafton said...

I belong to a group called Desperate Jester Theatre. We mostly do improv performances for large companies (IE. Christmas Parties, retirements, fundraisers.)

One of the values that connects the members of the group are that we all enjoy improv comedy. We love the thrill of getting onstage and making up a scene as we go along.

We even have our own traditions. For example, we have a lot of inside jokes that we kid each other about during a rehearsal. Another tradition might be that we like to do impressions of each other's characters. It's pretty funny when one of your friends tries to act like they are you in a scene.

kayla said...

My community has gas all kinds of different kinds of groups. One is that the people that want to help out then they come on certain days and split up into different groups then they all ddo different jobs to help the community.

ada said...

I go to a christian chinese school so that chinese can be spreadto my generation

hannah said...

my community is very friendly if someone gets hurt everyone pitches in and helps i like my community because its nice and thier is really good BBQ

alexis schulz said...

in my community every year we have an annual block party and we have annual halloween parties,easter parties and christmas parties there all very fun and every one commits to it to.