Grade 6 Geocaching

Have you found a Geocache yet?

Tell us where you found it, what it looked like, and what its coordinates where.

For example:
N 51° 09.645 W 114° 04.120

Post a comment below.


Mr. Grafton said...

Cool! Mr. Grafton found a Geocache this morning and won an amazing prize!I went out near Hanson Ranch today because I heard that there was another Geocache Contest hidden on the hill. Charlie (my dog) and I climbed high and low, and we found the geocache next to a large boulder.

I won a Family Pass to Cardell Place and a Free Burger from Wendy's!

hannah said...

me and anna were looking for one and we didnt find it but then we read that it got stolen

Anna said...

Ermel,Nicole,my Uncle Keven, and I all went geocaching, we were looking for a 5 star difficulty and a prize of $100.......... but we didn't find it. Then we went looking for a different geocach and we found one of the3 that was there.

Anna said...

Hannah and I went geocaching but we didnt find it we went back to see the clue but there was no clue and it had gotten stolen so that sucked.