The First Peoples

Who are the First Peoples?

Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump

A History of The Native People of Canada

Glossary Terms for Alberta Archaeology

Niitsitapiisinni: Our Way of Life
The northwestern plains is the home of the Blackfoot-speaking people. Discover their important relationships with the land, with their families, and with people from other cultures. Learn how these traditions are the foundation of their lives today.

Niitoy-yiss: The Blackfoot Tipi
This photograph essay on Niitoy-yiss (the tipi) is based on parts of the Glenbow Museum exhibition Niitsitapiisinni: Our Way of Life, which tells about the traditional Blackfoot home.

Peacemaker Histor!ca History Minute
Learn how oral tradition continues to be a way of passing down the history of many First Nations people.