The Inquiry Model

Follow the Inquiry Model and post a comment below. (Just copy the list below and paste it into your comment)

  1. What I want to know?
  2. What I think and know?
  3. Ask Questions:
  4. Find Information:
  5. Organize Ideas:
  6. Draw Conclusions:
  7. Share With Others:
  8. Make Decisions:
  9. Take Action:

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Mr. Grafton said...

What I want to know?
Why did the buffalo hunters place their camps at the bottom of a buffalo jump?

What I think and know?
I think that this made it easier to be near the buffalo when they fell off the cliff.

Ask Questions:
What kind of evidence is found near the bottom of the jump?
Which way was the cliff facing?
Have archaeologists found bones and tool near the bottom of the cliffs?

Find Information:
I learned from the Glenbow Museum site that the hunters would look for cliffs that were downwind of the buffalo herds. That way, the buffalo would not smell the scent of the camps.

Organize Ideas:
Cliffs needed to be
- near a large field
- near buffalo grazing
- face downwind
- be high enough to kill the buffalo

Draw Conclusions:
The Blackfoot would have looked for cliffs that face east since the wind would be blowing from the west.

Share With Others:
I could make this into a lesson, or a powerpoint to show the class. I might build a model to show the class what the cliffs would look like. I could use this information in a play.

Make Decisions:
The buffalo hunters would have been able to have really large camps if they were able to find a large cliff facing downwind. Especially if there was also a large field for the buffalo to remain close by.

Take Action:
Let's head to Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump and see what it is like.