The Paper Riding

The Following Parties are running for election in the Paper Riding. Only vote for the candidate in your class.

6A 6B Aspen Party
6A 6B Oak Party
6A 6B Pine Party
6A 6B Palm Party
6A 6B Birch Party
6A 6B Poplar Party
6A 6B Cedar Party

The Paper Riding is a rural country riding in Northern Alberta. It has a population made up of small towns and rural residents. There are some small country schools, but there are not many school-aged children in the area. Most of the people who live in the Rock Riding are employed by the oil and gas industry, as well as forestry and farming. There is also a large mine that provides coal for a large power plant. There is a large shortage of general doctors in the area, and for many residents, it is a 3 hour drive to reach the nearest hospital.

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