The Scissors Riding

The following parties are running for election in the Scissors Riding. Only vote for the candidate that is in your class.

6A 6B Wrench Party
6A 6B Bolts Party
6A 6B Pliers Party
6A 6B Hammer Party
6A 6B Crowbar Party
6A 6B Screwdriver Party
6A 6B Hacksaw Party

The Scissors Riding is the smallest of the three ridings because it has so densely populated. This urban riding in one of the major cities in Alberta. The entire population lives within the city limits. There are numerous schools, including Public, Catholic, and Independent. There is a large university, several community colleges, and a hospital in the area.
There is a high rate of homelessness in the area, and it is often hard to find a job in the area. There are a lot of people who drive to work, and traffic congestion is a major problem in this area.

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